Application Development

Most websites today require functions that only built-in applications can provide. So-called "browser-based" applications can add a plethora of capabilities to a website, allowing it to in some ways behave like a desktop application. CSoft will customize application development for its clients by providing solutions via a variety of means:

  1. Acquisition and configuration of third party software
    >> If someone has the most cost-effective solution for your needs, we will find and use it.
  2. Re-coding of open source software
    >> Sometimes there is cheap or free software out there that can be re-written to meet your needs.
  3. Licensing of existing CSoft applications
    >> CSoft has already created many applications for common functions you may require.
  4. Creation of custom applications for the specific client need
    >>We have a brilliant team of programmers ready to create your custom solution.

CSoft SiteBuilderOur team develops applications that are based upon both CSoft and open source technologies, insuring the widest applicability and support. Dynamic content supported by database back-ends is rendered in PHP with MySQL server behind.

Web applications leverage AJAX techniques to make for better responsiveness and overall user experience. When coupled with responsive designs, such methods allow users to enjoy the full power of the application regardless of the platform chosen, (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone).

"CSoft SiteBuilder"

The code that forms the base for many of CSoft's development projects is known as "SiteBuilder." It is CSoft's proprietary content management system, and has been designed to allow for virtually any type of customization that your project could demand.

With CSoft's SiteBuilder, sites can be created using any design features whatever, and any and all content can be brought under the control of the CMS. For each install, CSoft developers design the database and customize the interface to make the application responsive to the particular needs of the individual client, and help features are built into the administrative interface to assist non-technical users in their administration of content.

Along with its prodigious features as back-end to a dynamic website, SiteBuilder has served as code-base for a large variety of specific institutional applications. Among these have been:

>> Secure portals for the conduct of electronic meetings
>> Secure file sharing between institutions and between businesses and clients
>> Online educational applications
>> Applications used in institutional oversight and quality improvement processes